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My Trip to Albuquerque

Hello blogsphere! Sorry for the lack of posts in the last few days but I spent a long weekend with my parents visiting my brother and sister-in-law in Albuquerque. Thanks Kyle and Kensie for a wonderful visit and tour of Albuquerque! 🙂

I’ve never been to New Mexico (or anyone of the nearby states) before, so it was great to see the southwest United States. It was very beautiful and so different from Indiana. We saw Old Town Albuquerque, took a trip on the tramway to Sandia Peak and of course, ate our way across the town. Here’s a recap of some of the wonderful, mostly clean (and some not-so-clean) meals I enjoyed….

I enjoyed a Sweet Roll from The Frontier…Travel Channel fans might recall that Adam Richman visited The Frontier and helped make these delicious sweet rolls on Man vs. Food Nation Albuquerque. You can see that episode here. 

Hamburger from Chama River Brewery. 

The best chicken salad I’ve ever had (yes, even better than Eddie’s Corner Cafe!). Walnut Chicken Salad in a tomato basil wrap at the Cheese and Coffee Cafe in Old Town. 

Chocolate milkshake from the Route 66 Malt Shop.

One night we took a break from eating out and had our own cookout with balsamic chicken, bruchetta, sweet corn and grilled veggies. 

The best Mexican food I’ve ever had at El Pinto (and the largest restaurant I’ve ever been in!). I branched out and tried the calabacitas burrito. Quick culinary lesson…calabicitas is a Mexican side dish of zucchini, summer squash, onions and sometimes peppers. In short, in my burrito doused in green chili sauce, it was AMAZING! Their chips and salsa were some of the best I’ve ever had too. The white sangria wasn’t bad either 😉