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Have a Seat – Updating Two Chairs

The hubs and I recently took on two different DIY chair projects.

I had found an old antique bankers chair at a garage sale for $10. We sanded it down and repainted it a glossy black to give it an updated, Pottery Barn look. We’re planning on reselling it and hopefully making a pretty hefty profit. Pottery Barn sells theirs for over $200, so we’re hoping just to get $100 and make a $90 profit. Not bad for a couple hours’ work!

For the second project, I had been wanting an armchair for our bedroom. My mom found me a cheap, old and ugly chair that had great bones, and we repainted and reupholstered it in a much better color and pattern 🙂 We ended up doing the chair for about $50…$35 for the chair, $10 for the fabric and $5 for the paint.